“Lahza” means “a blink of an eye” that small moment which connects people…

Robert Mehmet Sinan Ikiz is a well known drummer from Stockholm, a versatile musician that plays everything from funk with Nils Landgren Funk Unit to trio jazz with Jacob Karlzon 3. Ikiz has performed in over 40 countries with different projects. Zoetic Sessions is the name of his latest album.

Cenk Erdogan is a fretless guitar player and a composer from Turkey. He relased 3 albums. He works as a producer and he arranges different styles of music from jazz to classical orchestras to soundtracks. Cenk has a deep knowledge in Turkish music and jazz, with Lahza he connects the world of different harmonies and sounds.

“Lahza” connects improvisation and composed music with flavors from Turkish music to jazz in a big world of different organic and electronic sounds. Every thing happens in one moment like a blink of an eye. Lahza is a duo that consists of 2 respected musicians from Turkey & Sweden. The music is written by both members but the duo likes to present newly arranged folk songs from Sweden and Turkey as well.