Cenk Erdoğan & İsmail Tunçbilek

Cenk Erdoğan is a well-known and talented guitar player and arranger in Turkey who played and worked with lots of important musicians. He has three albums -two solo guitar albums named “Kavis” and “Kara Kutu”- and “İle” with his Trio. Currently works on his own projects like Lahza,Cenk Erdoğan Trio, Rachmaninov Anatolian Project and also with famous Turkish singer Ceylan Ertem.

İsmail Tunçbilek is a Bağlama virtuoso and composer from Bursa. He plays with famous musicians in Turkey and Middle East. Currently plays with Taksim Trio.

Baran Say is a talented jazz musician from Turkey. He plays contrabass with a wide range of jazz masters. He studied in Music Department of Istanbul Bilgi University.