Ear After feat. Jürg Solothurnmann

Jürg Solothurnmann (b. 1943) grew up in Solothurn, Switzerland, and studied musicology, ethnomusicology, modern history, journalism and jazz at the University of Bern, the Swiss Jazz School and the Indiana University Bloomington IN. His most influential teachers were the composer Sandor Veress ,the jazz educator David N. Baker and the ethnomusicologist George List. In his childhood and youth, he played several instruments – accordion (folk music), piano) (classical and jazz, five–string banjo (American folk), marching drums, etc., and finally, tenor saxophone, which he learned largely self–taught. Jörg solothurnmann and Ear After, musical project that Şevket Akıncı and Çağrı Erdem founded together, to answer Şenol Küçükyıldırım’s question; “what does your ear go after?”. Improvisational performance can be seen as a “randomless” and “conceptual” communication process with the analog and digital instruments.